Weight Loss

Has Never

Tasted So Good!

At My Best Weight® we want to help you achieve weight loss and a healthier life without having to feel like you are in a constant struggle with diets that just don’t work for you.

My Best Weight® Slim Protein:

Dr. Pedro Mego has designed a complete appetite curbing formula that includes Slendesta™, a patented formula and all natural potato extract designed to boost satiety, which helps people feel fuller sooner and longer.


Our formula contains 18 grams of protein, which is an appropriate combination for muscle growth and recovery. This adequate quantity of protein will provide sooner and longer satiety. On top of that, we add to our great tasting formula a full content of 22 Vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be healthy, and all of this in only 130 Calories making this an excellent meal replacement.

My Best Weight® Slim Fiber:

This great tasting fiber shake contains Chiamannan®, with each ingredient selectively chosen to be part of this formula. In combination with an appropriate diet and exercise, this product is intended to reduce weight and help keep it down.


Preliminary studies with Chiamannan™, a potent fiber rich formula, have shown that this product may support healthy cholesterol and glucose levels. Individual results ay vary. It is recommended to monitor your cholesterol and glucose levels within three months. US patent is in process.

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